Snitch Snatch

Snitch Snatch, it’s when you Snatch The Snitches ball(s)

Also see: Quinnueno


Quinsomnia: The inability to fall asleep, due to Quidditch-related thoughts racing through the head. 

"I’ve been thinking so much about the UK Summer Games that I’ve had really bad quinsomnia"



The best quidditch convention that has yet to happen.

You can read more about it/register here.

Snitching Tribute

(In honor of the Hunger Games) A person who does not normally play snitch, but for one reason or another volunteers or is picked to play the part. 


A quidditch rivalry with another team, for example the rivalry between Keele and Leicester


Any quidditch related innuendo, about the broom, people catching your snitch etc.

Quoffee and quoissants

What classy quidkids have for breakfast.



An internet meme based on quidditch.
Someone recently formed a Tumblr compiling them.
Go to it here

International Confederation of Broomstick Athletes (ICBA)


Recently formed quidditch league.

We are a sports association currently dedicated to the amatuer level of the sport of Quidditch. The association is looking to create a safe, consistent, and organized environment in which college, high school, and adult teams can play. 


International Quidditch Association (IQA)


Established quidditch league; the one most teams are recognized under.

The International Quidditch Association, Inc, is a magical nonprofit dedicated to promoting the sport of Quidditch and inspiring young people to lead physically active and socially engaged lives.